We're Making
Due Diligence Easy

Smarter due diligence data tools that help lawyers spot and analyse the legal issues in government register data.

Quickly and easily turn your research into client-ready reports – DDLoop is the ultimate transaction paralegal and research team in one.

One place to
search, analyse and report

Run all your searches on one platform, all at the same time, and instantly create the due diligence report.

Search multiple sources at once

Search multiple registers (ASIC, IP Australia and PPSR) with one query.

Smart, collaborative analysis

Use smart data tools and AI to analyse the data and spot issues.

Create beautiful DD reports

Export directly to your Firm's templates in Microsoft Word.

Company Information

ASIC Connect

Snapshot corporate information with ASIC extract and insolvency data.

Trade Mark Ownership

IP Australia

See what trade marks the corporate group owns.

Security Interests


Check for any security interests on key assets.
Need results from somewhere else? Let us know!

Not just faster, better

Reduce transaction risk

Leave no stone unturned – get a comprehensive view of the target group from day 1.
Ensure the right searches are set up by default. Fly through the checklists.

Jump straight to legal analysis

Focus on dealing with issues, not finding them
DDLoop pre-flags common issues in the search results for you.

Reliable and up-to-date

Automatically update your data at deal milestones and see the changes.
Refresh the snapshot before sending draft reports, before deal closing or to confirm CPs. See changes at a glance.

Ready to level-up
your firm's due diligence?

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